Impact of Support Classes in PAUSD


by : 
Amy L.


There is a prevalent academic achievement gap in PAUSD. Research has shown that non-accelerating workshop classes that schools put low-achieving students in are actually not beneficial towards these students. This research project looks at academic planning classes in PAUSD and wants to find the impact these support classes have, and whether or not it actually closes the achievement gap.

Personal Statement

I’m in my third consecutive year of a research project about closing the achievement gap in education. The topic sparked a fire in me when a Black student told me about being tracked into a program for learning disabilities despite never being diagnosed (yes, it shocked me, too). The problems of inequality and suppressed potential were right here in liberal Palo Alto. I’ve built a knowledge base, and now I’m ready to make a tangible difference. I’m developing an accessible online curriculum to help get special education students into the general education population while still having the additional resources they need.