Improving Math Literacy in Young Fives: An Evaluation of Take-Home Math Bags


by : 
Katie D.


This research project investigates the underutilization of math education in preschool classrooms, where a disproportionate emphasis on literacy skills often takes precedence. Even though early math proficiency is a stronger predictor of academic success when compared to early reading skills, many children fall behind in academic success due to inadequate math resources, pedagogy, and curriculum. This problem is particularly prevalent among low-income preschool students who need more access to resources, time, and attention to engage in targeted math practice outside of the classroom. To address this deficiency in math engagement and to determine the most effective strategies for math instruction, this project will develop take-home math bags for young fives students at a local Palo Alto preschool and their families. The objective of this research project is to enhance the understanding of math concepts among the young fives students in our community and gain valuable knowledge about the methods of math education that are most beneficial to students on a broader scale through developmentally appropriate and play-based games, stories, and activity ideas for parents to facilitate in the real world.