The Influence of Social Media on Teenagers' Perceptions of Healthy Relationships


by : 
Zoë W.


This research study is aiming to determine whether social media has any negative effects on teenagers' perceptions of what healthy relationships are. It is important that teenagers understand what healthy and unhealthy relationships are so they can keep themselves and their peers safe. By hosting workshops and administering pre- and post-workshop surveys, the study will collect qualitative data about student social media usage and their understanding of healthy relationships.

Personal Statement

I first began raising awareness about unhealthy relationships in 2018 after my mother opened up to me about a past relationship she had been in which greatly affected her. I started by hosting workshops to educate teenagers, but realized that I wanted to identify the root of the issue: why is it that teenagers have the wrong impressions about what healthy love looks like? In AAR this year, I’ve been able to explore that question.