Infrared Sensor on Arduino Self-Driving Car


by : 
Kevin B.


This research project will focus on constructing a self-driving model car using a Raspberry Pi along with infrared and ultrasound sensors. The infrared sensors are used to specifically detect heat sources, which simulate living creatures in the path of the car, while the ultrasound sensors are used to determine the actual distance between the object and the car. In the end, the car is expected to be able to travel from a designated point on a four by four meter grid with obstacles to the end. This project is split into two sections, the research, which was done this year, and the build process, which will be done next year.

Personal Statement

I chose this project to continue my research on self-driving cars and infrared sensors. Living in Silicon Valley, it is not hard to spot self-driving cars and the concept of having to do nothing while commuting sparked my interest in this topic. Especially after finishing my first year of AAR last year, I began further my passion in the field of artificial intelligence and computer science. Additionally, I chose this topic because I wanted to see if I could research a sensor that is not commonly used on self-driving cars and see if infrared sensors are a viable choice for self-driving cars. I hope to continue to learn more about this topic in order to inform others of self-driving cars and what they are capable of.