The Internets Affect on the Purposes of Public Libraries and Demographics of Their Visitors


by : 
Yunhao Y.


As the internet develops and becomes the primary information source for most people, the functions of public libraries tend to be overlooked. However, public libraries have its importance to the communities, as it encourages literacy and provides an academic environment for studying. This research aims to gather opinions of librarians from different public libraries, from whom we are able to learn about the evolution of public libraries over the recent years and how the visitors have changed.

Personal Statement

My motivation for doing a project on the functions and changes of public libraries came from personal experience. As a high school student, libraries are an integral part of my academic life, and the development of information technology has impacted the popularity of them significantly. At the same time, with the resources available to me as a high schooler, I think my result for this project actually reveals something useful for local students.