Lessons from the USA's Entrepreneurial Successes


by : 
Aneesh A.


In the US, there are many companies that have revolutionized the way the world functions through innovation. This is no coincidence as the US is a hub for entrepreneurship and has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to start a business in the world. This paper is a descriptive study that focuses on the parts of the US entrepreneurial culture that has allowed entrepreneurs in the US to create these successful businesses. The introduction of this paper contains a holistic view of entrepreneurship so people can familiarize themselves with the topic. The research behind this project was conducted by interviewing entrepreneurs in the US and finding out what helped their businesses succeed. It was discovered that there are a multitude of factors that help entrepreneurs succeed in the US such as the education system, mindset of entrepreneurs and the resources entrepreneurs have access to. The importance of these findings are that they show what is needed to create a business friendly environment that stimulates entrepreneurship.

Personal Statement

Ever since I was young, I was fond of watching entrepreneurial shows such as Shark Tank, longing to understand how the companies that aired on the show functioned and became successful. Through this project, I was able to meet various companies in the US and get an answer to this longing question through exploring the US entrepreneurial culture. Overall, I appreciate the opportunity AAR has given me to work on a topic I was passionate about in an academic setting.