Overcoming Challenges to Installing Energy-Efficient Technologies in Low-Income Residential Buildings for Cost Savings and Carbon Reduction


by : 
Samantha L.


Climate change forces society to increase energy efficiency and stop burning fossil fuels. Buildings cause 36% of global energy use annually, and low-income residential buildings are particularly source due to older, more inefficient technology. Many technologies exist to solve this problem, such as air-to-water heat pumps and thermostat schedules. Furthermore, public and private sector incentives make efficiency upgrades free or very low cost. Despite these incentives, the need for energy retrofits that improve efficiency remains. This research project aims to find the root cause of the lack of progress and determine the best way to correct it. Data collected through interviews with experts in this field will be analyzed to produce the results. A Likert scale will assess the research to determine efficacy methods for improving building energy consumption.