The Perceived Safety of Girls in Palo Alto


by : 
Lilli C.


This project is based on finding differences between boys and girls perceived safety. If there is one, why? And how can they be made to feel safer? To collect data, girls and boys will be surveyed to determine if there is a difference between their answers. This survey is the basis of the project and will lead to action research. Following the survey, participants will receive a hand out “safety sacks” which hold a bright light with an alarm attached to it, along with pH paper in which someone can test their drink for drugs.

Personal Statement

The summer before high school, my mom sat me down and had a very serious talk with me. This was not "the talk" that every middle school student was afraid of. This was a talk about safety, and what I need to do to stay safe in High School. She told me things like never go to a party alone, and never leave your cup unattended. I mentioned this talk to one of my guy friends, and if they knew the safety rules too, but not one of them knew what I was talking about. This made me want to look more into the safety precautions taken by girls vs. boys. Along with why is there a difference between girls and boys safety precautions? This way I can possibly help girls feel more safe.