A Personal Memoir


by : 
Rachel S.


Words are how we express ourselves; they are how we connect with others and ourselves. This year, I composed a series of intertwined short stories that are based largely on my own experiences. These stories helped me come to terms with who I am now and how the years leading up to now(both key events and buried memories) impact the way I make decisions and navigate relationships with others.

Personal Statement

Whether it was self-imposed or not, I was partly convinced that I wasn't allowed to be creative, that I was already boxed in and writing too much was somehow "against the rules." For me, AAR was a journey of personal growth that enabled me to call myself a writer. My project centered around a memoir in which I developed several themes in my life. In doing so, I was forced to do a lot of learning, both about myself and the publishing process, which I hope to share with other aspiring writers.