Signs Reagan Writing and Speaking Show Indicating Early Signs of Alzheimer's


by : 
Maxwell K


When Ronald Reagan announced his Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 1994, people began to speculate as to whether or not he developed the disease during his time in office. This paper serves to examine and analyze evidence to determine whether or not Reagan showed early signs of Alzheimer’s during his time in office. While possible, the theory seemed unlikely due to the time that passed between Reagan's presidency and his diagnosis. Alzheimer’s can be detected through an analysis of a change in one's writing or speaking. Data was gathered through action and historical research in an Observational study. Researchers at Arizona State University statistically analysed Reagan's speaking throughout his presidency and their data indicated that he began to develop Alzheimer’s during his second term as president. An analysis of this and other data indicate the possibility that Reagan's Alzheimer’s began to develop when he was serving as President. Although looking back at Reagan's writing and speaking shows that he experienced a cognitive decline during his second term, the findings are not concrete enough to prove definitely that Reagan began to show signs of Alzheimer’s during his time as president.

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