Social Media: Implications for Adolescent Emotional Well-Being


by : 
Ashley M.


The emergence of new platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and BeReal has fueled social media's recent gain in widespread popularity among adolescents. This proliferation of social media has sparked a debate about its potential impact on the mental health of teenagers. A study that assesses the feasibility of Bay Area teenagers adhering to regular breaks from social media could provide valuable insights into how to motivate adolescents to modify their habits and mitigate the adverse effects of excessive social media use on their mental health. Such research could identify effective strategies for promoting mental well-being among teenagers and support their overall health and development. This research project utilizes an inquiry approach that is a needs assessment research. The project surveys students from a Bay Area high school to identify patterns in social media usage. The goal is to identify common themes between all of the survey participants. This research project aims to determine what motivates students to take social media breaks.