Socioeconomic, Achievement Gap and University Enrolment


by : 
Nicole B.


Many students from Latin and African American backgrounds will become first-generation students once they reach a four-year university. The first generation group is defined as a group of students who will be the first in their families to go to college. While they make up 30% of a college class, many families lack the resources to be educated on what they need to make it to a four-year college (PNPI, 2018) — connecting this data to socioeconomic differences in the PAUSD and achievement gap.

Personal Statement

As a first-generation student at PALY, I am aware of how it can be hard to deal with the economic gap that you and your peers have. My project on the achievement gap in PAUSD was able to let me focus on a subject that is very special to me. By taking AAR, I was able to focus on this topic and be able to learn more about the similar struggles that both my peers and I have. Finally, taking this class has opened me to a new world of research and making a change.