Support for Survivors


by : 
Annabel H. and Sophia T.


Sexual assault increases the risk of developing mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, eating disorders, and more. According to the medical journal the Lancet, four to five months after being sexually assaulted, 79% of adolescents had a psychiatric disorder, and 43% had a depressive disorder (Khadr et al.). High school students suffer from various mental health issues due to stress and academic pressure. The repercussions of sexual assault, violence, harassment, or discrimination can further complicate or exacerbate these issues, increasing the need for mental health support. Many survivors of Title IX violations choose not to report their experiences because they are intimidated by the daunting reporting process or the possibility of being re-traumatized, which prevents them from receiving critical support. Support for Survivors aims to improve the mental health of survivors of Title IX violations or other instances of sexual misconduct by increasing awareness about existing mental health resources, establishing other forms of support, and making reporting more accessible to students.