Unattainable Standards: How Fashion and Body Type Trends Create an Unrealistic Idea of Beauty


by : 
Erin V.


In our society, there is constant and universal pressure to look a certain way. The standard of attractiveness that impacts people now, however, has varied drastically since the start of the 20th century. Interestingly, fashion trends correlate with body types considered desireable throughout time, cementing of the standard of beauty with every change. This project focuses on the portrayal of fashion trends and body types throughout the 1900s to present day, to show that the ever-changing nature of body types is an unattainable ideal to strive towards.

Personal Statement

I have always been interested in looking at the standards we hold in our society and analyzing how they shape us. I am a lover of fashion and a strong advocate for changing society's idea of beauty so it can include more people. I was never able to focus on these topics in an academic setting until AAR. With this project, I was able to utilize AAR in order to both strengthen my understanding about the topic and, hopefully, educate others.