Unmasking the hidden ADHD in girls: how narrative curriculum can increase teachers’ awareness on the underdiagnosis of ADHD in girls


by : 
Paloma R.


ADHD is not a sex-specific disorder—however, American females are 31% less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than American males (Hobbes, 2019). The underdiagnosis of ADHD stems from the common misconception that everybody with ADHD displays easily-noticeable, hyperactive symptoms. These stereotypical, externalized symptoms are more common in males, but females with less overt internalized symptoms benefit equally from proper treatment. This research project examines the efficacy of a narrative curriculum in educating teachers on the diverse symptom profiles of ADHD. This research project aims to improve teachers’ ability to identify the possibility of ADHD in their students and ultimately help reduce the underdiagnosis of ADHD in girls.