Use of Facial Recognition Technology in Law Enforcement


by : 
Sasha L.


There is a substantial problem regarding systemic racism against Black people in the United States. In our day and age, technology is improving and developing at a rapid rate. New facial recognition/scanning technologies are being utilized by the police forces in the United States, but the accuracy of the scans is not consistent between races. Not only are Black people stopped by the police at an alarmingly high rate compared to white people, but now they are put at an even greater disadvantage and danger. This paper examines the drawbacks of the recent implementation of facial recognition technology in law enforcement. This research will provide clarity on the main issues and injustices caused by this technology. A Public Service Announcement will then be formulated (letter format) for the Palo Alto Police Department stating final thoughts and opinions on whether this technology in its current state is suited for usage by law enforcement.