Volunteerism and Veterans' Morale


by : 
Kaitlin M.


The aim of this project is to increase veteran morale in the Palo Alto community. Through research it has been determined that high levels of patriotism is correlated with high levels of veteran morale. Patriotism is a very broad concept that is hard to define. Therefore, a previously identified component of patriotism will be studied. When a nationwide survey was done regarding patriotism in the United States, community volunteerism was one category studied in which researchers associated with patriotism. This project will analyze how volunteerism in Palo Alto can be increased through action based research.

Personal Statement

One of my fondest memories with my grandfather, a Vietnam veteran, was visiting West Point Military Academy together. During our time there, my grandfather showed me around his alma mater and spoke to me about the importance of supporting our troops and civic engagement. His message resonated with me and it was uplifting to be surrounded by a community in which everyone was proud to be serving their country. When I returned back to my community, it was important to me that I shared his message and took steps to support veterans. When presented with the opportunity to do a research project, I instantly knew that I wanted to honor veterans and my grandfather.