Voting Education for High School Students


by : 
Elizabeth J.


The Bay Area has some of the highest voter registration rates in the state. However, there is a severe voter turnout deficit from registered voters, especially among young people—the lack of motivation, education, and awareness results in minimal civic engagement. The absence of school-instated education about voting has failed democracy during a time when it is desperately needed. Fortunately, there are many ways to address the missing youth vote. Encouraging youth voices and participation in civic education will increase awareness around elections and other forms of civic engagement. Involving students in the voting process, such as working at polls or registration events, will build a bond to the voting system beyond simply filling out the ballot. This project will examine the confidence of students about voting before and after joining a student-led voting group at their school. With the help of outside organizations such as the League of Women Voters and Stanford Votes, the voting group will work to create a more civically engaged community and to increase voter education around the school campus.