What are the advantages and disadvantages of audio post-editing for a translator to learn colloquial expressions, and how does this compare to text post-editing?


by : 
Natalie L.


There is a problem with translation quality in modern translators--items such as idioms, names, and concepts can often be difficult to translate with a machine. The problem will continue to increase as the translation improvement rate trails behind language development. Additionally, translation errors often occur in expressions exclusive to a particular area's culture. As a result, verbatim translation may not be available as intricacies of specific expressions or the cultural context behind them. As a result, translators may translate the language while losing its true meaning. Machine translators have yet to develop a human-like intelligence and understanding of language, making this error quite often. This research project will study the quality, common errors, and efficiency of specific machine translators to improve the quality of these translations.