What art was created by women artists during Europe's Renaissance between 1400-1600, and why is their work overlooked today?


by : 
Juliet Y.


Imagine that you are a female artist during the Renaissance. You paint spectacular, intricate, and realistic paintings that show the mastery of your craft. But wait, does any of it even matter? You realize that as a woman, your work will consistently be undermined. Your profession will be simplified to a mere hobby while other male artists are praised and uplifted. During the Renaissance, many notable artists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, remained popular due to their work being heavily associated with and characterized by the Renaissance. However, with our modern-day technology, where we can look anything up with a quick Google search, why is there a need for more information about female artists of the Renaissance? Why do people continuously talk about the same male artists when all the resources for finding undiscovered female artists are within our reach? This project will conduct qualitative research using existing resources (scholarly articles, papers, etc.) found mainly online.