What opportunities and challenges do students participating in the Voluntary Transfer Program face?


by : 
Oliver M.


This research is about students who participate in the Voluntary Transfer Program (VTP), also known as the Tinsley program, and the effects and outcomes that come from it. VTP involves a lottery process for the admittance of kindergarten students. The research will focus on short- and long-term outcomes and whether they are positive or negative. As for academic outcomes and how they have changed with the VTP, math and English scores have remained relatively high throughout, and the overall change is insignificant. However, there has been a significant increase in science, history, and college enrollment outcomes. In this regard, all the program outcomes need to be investigated, including long-term effects. Data collection will include reviewing documentation and interviewing a VTP parent/PAUSD employee, an elementary school principal, and a teacher. After data collection is complete, the findings will be provided for the district to enhance the program going forward.