What is the Process of Independently Designing and Producing a Purchasable Fanzine?


by : 
Lydia C.



With the rising popularity of the game Genshin Impact produced by miHoYo, a company based in China, there has been a growing misconception that the game is Japanese with its anime-esque art. By creating a zine centered about traditional Chinese clothing, it clarifies the game’s Chinese roots as well as educating players on the hanfu and the history behind it. This research project aims to study the creation of zines and traditional Chinese culture and fashion. Data will be collected through observation and personal experience. In order to understand the data, both qualitative and quantitative methods will be used in data sampling such as recording the amount of time spent on each portion of the project, creating a spreadsheet for the finances, and taking notes on the procedures and any issues that arise during the process.