What Tangible Impacts Does Underrepresentation Have on the LGBTQ Community?


by : 
Michael S.


The goal of my research project is to attain a better understanding of how representation affects the LGBTQ community. There has been quite a bit of research into LGBTQ underrepresentation, but not a lot has been done into the impacts that that has. The percentage of films that include LGBTQ characters is extremely low, and those that do do it through over exaggerated and overused stereotypes. The fact that the LGBTQ community is often represented poorly, if at all in most movies, can have a variety of impacts on the members of the community, including a lack of self esteem and subconscious behavioral shifts. This research project focuses on personal accounts from members of the LGBTQ community to be able to see the extent of these problems and to discover if there are more.