Why Students in a High Achieving Suburban High School Do Not Seek Mental Health Support


by : 
Samantha L.


While the discussion of mental health is becoming increasingly normalized, it can still be a sensitive topic. Gunn High School offers many resources and programs that promote mental health awareness. However, according to the Wellness Center at school, many students still refrain from discussing their mental health issues, such as anxiety, stress, or depression, with professionals. But why? The purpose of this project is to find the main reasons why students choose not to talk to professionals through an anonymous survey. Based on the survey results, possible solutions or new programs can be developed to encourage more students to open up about their mental health.

Personal Statement

My project on the mental health of Gunn students allowed me to gain insight into specific reasons why students do not open up to professionals or counselors in the Wellness Center. I was then able to share that information with Gunn's mental health staff to help them understand what would help students open up more, allowing them to further improve the Wellness Center and our other mental health programs, making them more suitable for students.