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Testing Whether GANs Can Generate Photorealistic Images from Rough Sketches

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) can generate images from rough sketches, potentially making image composition much more efficient than it is currently. However, the images from GANs are generally not photorealistic enough to be used in many real life applications. This project will attempt to make a GAN generate truly photorealistic images that can be used in real life applications.

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Graph Theory Study of Metal Doped Graphene Edge State

There has been little study done on the edge state of graphene. By utilizing graph theory, we can accurately model the electron density in the edge state. This approach could be used to form certain carbon allotropes such as buckyballs and C nanotubes.

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How Variation in Response to Medication due to CYP450 Enzymes Affects Adverse Drug Reaction Rates (in Terms of Health and Healthcare Costs) Through Prevention of Adverse Drug Reaction?

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs), negative reactions to medication when used as prescribed, are responsible for many deaths each year in the United States. Estimates from different studies range from 7,000 deaths a year (courtesy of a study conducted by the Institute of Medicine in 2000) to as high as 106,000 a year, which would place ADRs as the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. ADRs place a burden on the collective health and the economy (Drug Interactions & Labeling 2016). Through accurate Adverse Drug Event and Adverse Drug Reaction reporting, researchers may determine the cause of adverse drug events and adverse drug reaction to reduce the burden of ADE and ADR. This project will attempt to determine the quality of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System, and gauge its ability to aid researchers as they attempt to find problems in medications and their cause, by extension reducing ADE or ADR.

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Sustainable Plants in the Palo Alto Climate

This project will show how anyone can plant an organic edible garden in their own backyard or balcony, as long as they have an understanding of the local conditions and which crops to plant. I want to help promote gardening and fresh-grown food people can easily get.

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The Genetics of Melanoma

The objective of this project is to understand the genetic trends underlying melanoma, a deadly form of cancer. Data was analyzed to determine the correlation between location and race with incidences of melanoma. These trends can be used by medical professionals to better increase education starting from a young age.

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How Carbon Emissions Affect Climate Change

As global temperature begins to rise, there are many effects throughout the world, including more floods, more rain, droughts, freezing, natural disasters, etc. There are many reasons why this climate change is currently taking place, but it is primarily due to human activities such as releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. The effects of climate change can lead to many ecosystems falling apart, and this can even lead to the destruction of the food chain. It can also affect people's day-to-day life by impacting the water humans drink, and agriculture, which will hurt the economy.

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Economical Transport of Probes into Interstellar Space

The idea behind this particular AAR project is to dig deeper into the practicality of sending satellites, probes, and other equipment into space. The launch of an object (similar to Voyager 1 and 2) to leave Earth will be simulated in this endeavor. A prototype design for a modern orbital class rocket will be developed. Over the course of this project, the estimated cost for launching projectiles into the unknown will decrease as the design is refined.

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Electric Regeneration in Electric Bikes

This research project will study electric regeneration's effect on battery life, total run time, and number of times the battery is able to be recharged in electric bicycles. Other factors that will be examined include the stress that electrical braking takes off of the friction brakes and the difference between electric braking with a throttle and electric braking with a switch.

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Plastic Straws in the Environment

I researched the effect of plastic straws as waste in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems as well as the effects on human health. Additionally, I studied what has already been done to combat the issue of plastic straw waste by investigating the ban in Seattle and previous environmental policies that have been implemented in Palo Alto. I then held a focus group to assess the best next steps and with this information. I plan on promoting awareness and starting conversation about plastic consumption.

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Applications of Nanotechnology in Medicine

In this project, I will be exploring the applications of nano scale particles in the field of medicine. Many medicinal techniques are effective but are not at peak efficiency and could be improved with nanotechnology. The development of nanotechnology will also impact the path medicine will take in the future and I will analyze current developments to get a sense of where the future is heading.


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