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Sustainability in Silicon Valley Companies

Environmental pollution is a rapidly growing problem that threatens the livelihood of our entire planet. To tackle this problem, companies in Silicon Valley and other places in the world have been working towards becoming fully sustainable by finding creative ways to reduce or re-purpose waste. This research project will conduct interviews with eco-friendly companies in Silicon Valley to accumulate methods of sustainability and how it has affected their profit. With that information, the findings will work to convince or encourage other companies to do the same.

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HPV Vaccine Safety, Treatments, and Usage

In the United States, over 14 million people are getting infected with HPV every year. HPV, Human Papillomavirus, is a common sexually transmitted disease among women and men. This research project will go in-depth about the safety and severe side effects of the vaccine, although it only happens very rarely, and the frequency in which it occurs. This research will also cover different medical treatments to treat HPV.

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The Ability to Pinpoint Locations in the Visual Field by Priming on Subjects

Research has shown that humans have individual locational visual perception differences, such that individual subjects will make repeated similar errors when attempting to locate points in the same relative position in their visual field. Individual differences in object localization allow us to generate a localization map specific to users, which has been done in the past. This project takes this further and uses this map to generate a warped gabor patch, which is then flashed to the subject to measure whether priming could be used to improve object localization for participants. If visual-spatial acuity can be improved through the use of priming, this could be applied to improve judgments on localizing objects in real-time. This could lead to future research in whether this would have permanent benefits through visual training, be integrated through the real-time calculation to improve visual perception, and be an introduction into a plethora of possible tools for visual perception manipulation and improvement.

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Making the Autism Superpower Glass Accessible to Blind Individuals

The Autism Superpower Glasses from Stanford, serve as a communication aid, catered towards children impacted with autism. The research tests how effective the Superpower Glasses are on blind individuals and what changes can be made so that the glasses are accessible to the blind population as well.

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A Transcriptome-wide Analysis to Determine Translational Efficiency in the Pathogenic Form of Histoplasma Capsulatum

Despite the fact that we have noted several determinants of translational efficiency of the fungi, we have still not come up with efficient predictive algorithms to correlate these features to translational efficiency. Not being able to predict the translational efficiency of the Histoplasma fungi will curb possibilities to regulate the amount of protein produced. This is crucial as the fungi, which causes the Histoplasma disease, only gets inside the human body through a dimorphic switch from the hyphal, or mold, form to the yeast form. Understanding how to predict protein production can lead to gene regulation inside the fungi. This research involves analyzing over 5,000 genes inside the fungi as well as using visual-TSNE and machine learning algorithms with the Python libraries of Matplotlib and Scikitlearn as well as my own Python library, uORFTools, in order to predict the translational efficiency of the yeast form of the fungi.

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Social Chatbots Efficacy in Making Interactions with Autistic Users Under 18 in Comparison to Psychotherapy

This research project is going to determine the effectiveness of social chatbot. Autistic users are individuals that have challenges in communicating verbally or socially with surrounding people. This is because autistic individuals tend to talk about particular topics that only they are interested in, which is sometimes difficult for others to keep up. However, a chatbot can more likely continue with the conversation, even when the autistic individual keeps on talking about the same topic. The hypothesis is that the autistic user will converse more consistently with the robot in comparison to a human therapist.

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Managing Flood Damage for East Palo Alto

The San Francisquito Creek of East Palo Alto flooded 20 years ago, costing millions of dollars in damage costs. The most common method of flood management is building levees or walls to prevent the water from escaping the creek. However, many city or state government programs ignore factors such as climate change and unintended consequences such as flooding upstream of the newly build levees. Instead, they only focus on cost-efficiency and functionality. Using an array of historical flood data and putting it into a statistical simulation, all these important factors will be accounted for to produce a damage cost. Based on this, it is expected to deduce how the levees should be constructed in order to minimize the chance of failure in flood management.

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Impact of Nutrition on ADHD

This project will survey physicians to find the prevalence of sustainable treatments like nutrition are in reducing prevalence of ADHD symptoms and how to increase awareness of treatment options to patients diagnosed with ADHD.

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Extrachromosomal DNA in Biofluids: A Biomarker of Cancer?

About one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives (“Cancer Statistics,” 2018). Yet, the mutation that caused the tumor’s formation may differ from one patient to another. My research focuses on how extrachromosomal DNA in biofluids can serve as biomarkers in cancer. Sequencing the mutation from ecDNA is a less-invasive detection method with high accuracy in its diagnosis. This project hopes to summarize past research and provide insight into where this new field is headed to next.

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Connection between Contamination of Coastlines and Surf Break Pollution

This project will focus on whether the testing of water will lessen the contamination of coastlines, specifically in Pilar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, in order to pinpoint and reduce the consequences of pollution at surf breaks. The project will analyze data on both water quality (quantitative) and where it appears to be coming from (qualitative) and analyze data.


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