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How the Length of DNA Multimers Influences the Efficiency of Transforming the Bacteria Bacillus Subtilis

As the need for efficient and safe pharmaceutical protein production grows with the population and number of therapeutics discoveries, the need to develop a more suitable, scalable host for protein production proves vital. The bacterial species Bacillus subtilis has substantial potential to serve as an efficient protein production host. However, transforming B. subtilis with foreign DNA is notoriously difficult compared to transforming E. coli, due to properties like its thick cell wall and innate genetic defense system. Rolling circle amplification, thus, (RCA) presents a novel approach for generating multimers—multiple plasmids (i.e. bacterial DNA) linked together such that Bacillus subtilis can be transformed with greater efficacy. This project will study the viability of DNA multimers amplified through RCA in heightening the efficiency of transforming Bacillus subtilis.

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Study on the Effect of Doped Vertical Co, Ni, Fe Dimers in Pristine Graphene

We use the computational chemistry software Quantum Espresso to analyze the effects of doping vertical homonuclear and heteronuclear combinations of cobalt, nickel, and iron in graphene. Our goal is to expand on existing research in the growing field and hopefully affirm past research. We have yet to focus our application--we may focus on topics ranging from anything like water filtration to spintronic applications.

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Interest Levels in Science Classes at Paly

Nationwide, student interest levels are decreasing in science classes, and I want to see if this applies to Paly. I will be interviewing/surveying teachers and students with questions pertaining to the environment of Paly science classes. I will then use the results to draw concolusions about what we are/aren't doing correctly with the curriculum and class structure.

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The Effects of Stress on Working Memory in High School Students

Have you ever tried to remember a set of numbers only to forget them moments later? The research from this project will be used to create an understanding of how working memory is affected by stress in students ages 13-18.

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Economic Gardens

The main roadblocks to developing fully sustainable gardens are factors that affect the water used in growing plants. Water ground soil evaporation is the amount of water that evaporates in an area of land in a given time frame. Groundwater erosion is a negative effect of having water flowing underground. Water efficiency is the amount of water that, when put into an area, is actually used by the plants. This is used to describe overwatering. If these problems can be solved or minimized, a garden can be created that, once planted, would be able to survive without human intervention.

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Relative Health of Native vs. Foreign Trees in Palo Alto

There is a debate about whether native or foreign tree species should be planted in Palo Alto. This project will study how healthy each kind of tree is and use that information to determine what trees are better off in the suburban Palo Alto environment.

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The Effect of Music on Task Performance

The aim of my project is to see which genres of music are best for number memory. I noticed that some teachers at my school allowed students to listen to music while doing classwork, while others did not. I want to examine what impact different genres of music have on number memory, if any.

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How Levels of the EGFR Protein in Cells Relate to Cancer Rates

The goal of this project is to study the correlation between the amount of the EGFR protein in a cell and its likelihood to be cancerous. Multiple databases and studies will be analyzed. The obtained data will be used to determine whether or not there is a correlation between EGFR levels and cancer rates.

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Using Emotions to Improve Memorization

Emotional memory is consolidated and recalled much more efficiently than non-emotional memory, leading to clear and vivid recollections. However, different emotions release different chemical signals in the brain, leading to a difference in the efficiency of recalling the memory. Finding the emotion that help high school students remember information best can be further utilized in creating techniques for memorization which could ultimately aid those with memory disorders. My project aims to do this through an experiment which tests the emotions fear, happiness, and sadness and their affect on memory through memory tests.

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Using Ocean Waves to Generate Power

I will design and build a prototype of a device that generates electricity from the power of ocean waves. It is intended for people who do not have access to electricity due to natural disasters or poverty. I will test it in the ocean and change the prototype to make it more effective and efficient.


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