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How Sex Hormones' Effect on Skin Bacteria Reflects the Gender Bias of the Occurrence of Eczema

Eczema is a common skin disease that is caused by skin barrier defects and environmental triggers. Females are more prone to the disease than males. This study will examine how hormones affect the gender bias in eczema.

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Does Artificial Intelligence Improve Perfect Knowledge Games Like Chess, Specifically Checkers?

AI permeates all fields. Even in games like Go, success has been achieved with AI defeating humans. However, there is still need to find a code for a "perfect information" game like checkers. I will conduct an experiment by by incorporating different codes to the game to see if any performs well in the game of checkers. The main code being used is AGZ, the parent code of which defeated the Go champion.

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Self-Folding Robots: How They Work and What Applications They Have

I am researching what self-folding robots are being used for and how they work. I am also making my own model of a self-folding robot using cheap and easily accessible materials that can be found in many local and online stores. My goal is to understand the mechanics of these robots and ultimately how they will be applied in science and everyday life.

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Basics of Acoustics

This research introduces the relationship and the ratio between sound frequency and pitch. By providing information and conclusion from articles written by experts in the field, this research also investigates why the ratio between sound frequency and pitch is inconsistent, as well as the psychological influences that affect how human beings hear certain high-frequency sound.

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How Watching Anime Impacts Thought Processes

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disability that hinders a person's ability to socialize effectively with others. From my own experience growing up with autism, I've only been able to sympathize with characters in books, TV, and films, such as manga and anime, due to the scenery, plot, and characterization. Autistic minds gravitate toward image-rich media such as manga and anime, and they tend to replay these images in memory. Sometimes emotions, setting, and storyline are key aspects of the drawings, which help convey the main life lesson. This helps the reader find the manga imagery relatable, inspiring the reader to continue to read the next chapter.

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How a Systematic Process of Collecting and Presenting Evidence in Court Can Be Installed in the United States to Increase the Reliability of Forensic Science

“Forensic Science is the application of scientific principles and techniques to matters of criminal justice especially as relating to the collection, examination, and analysis of physical evidence” (Webster, 2018). Across the United States, forensic science plays a critical role in how criminal cases are both investigated and decided. One major issue is that there have been flaws in how evidence is collected and presented, causing some cases to have skewed evidence leading to false imprisonment. The problem I intend to tackle is how we can install a baseline protocol for how to collect and present evidence along with how we can filter out evidence that was poorly collected.

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How 4D Printing, Smart Materials, and Self-Assembly Can Be Implemented Together to Protect Humans in Hostile Situations While in Space

The aim of this project is to figure out if there is any overlap between three fields of nanotechnology: 4D printing, self-assembly, and smart materials. 4D printing is the process of 3D printing objects that change shape as the conditions of the object's environment are changed. Self-assembly is the process of engineering conditions so that certain organic molecules come together to form ordered macromolecules. Smart materials are those that have different properties in different conditions. Furthermore, the project aims to find any applications of these three technologies that can be used to make space travel more efficient and safe.

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How Changes in Gene Expression Affect Phenotypes and Clinical Outcomes for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Cancer is a disease caused by the uncontrolled division of cells in a part of the body. In general, cancers arise as a result of DNA changes in the genomes of cancer cells. Genes encode proteins, and proteins then dictate cell function. The genes that are “expressed,” or turned on, in a particular cell determine what that cell can do. As a result, one possible cause of head and neck cancer, a subtype of cancer, is differences in gene expression levels between patients with cancer and patients without cancer. This research project will analyze gene expression data from head and neck cancer patients using the Seurat package in the programming language R to identify marker genes that can later be suppressed with gene editing technology.

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The Effect of Culturally Responsive Therapists for Minority Students

The focus of this project is to identify if minority students in Palo Alto High School would feel better supported in their mental health seeking services if they were treated by a professional who is trained to be culturally responsive or who shares a culture or identity with the student. The aim of this project is to see if this relationship will make more minority students comfortable with utilizing or continuing to undergo important therapy and counseling services.

The goal this project is to create a decision tree that helps patients see the different factors to consider for the different walking devices available to them. The end product will hopefully give patients a better idea of the pros and cons of each walking device, such as cost, location, compatibility, etc.


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