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Statistical Analysis of Number of Incidences Evaluated and Treated by High School Athletic Trainers by Sharat B.


The aim of the study is to analyze the number of incidences evaluated and treated by high school athletic trainers using statistics. In 2014, there was a total of 7.8 million high school students participating in athletics for their respective school according to the National Federation of State High Schools Association). This is an increase of 82,081 from last year, part of a trend which stretches across 25 years of increased participation in athletics, however in 2014 only 55%  of athletes in a public secondary school and only 40% of all schools had access to an Athletic Trainer according to HuffingtonPost. In 2012 the American Academy of Physicians conducted a study in which they discovered schools with Athletic Trainers have more diagnosed concussions but fewer overall injuries. The schools that did not have an Athletic Trainer on staff had a fewer rate of diagnosed concussions, however this could lead the athletes still participating with a concussion which can lead the severe medical problems later in life. There are some problems in schools with athletic trainers as they only contain one trainer for a large number of athletes as Diana Miller, an athletic trainer at Robert E. Lee High School in Virginia, takes care of 700 students and Christina Romero, athletic trainer at Henry M. Gunn high school) in 2014 had 1115 athletes in her care. This project is to find out the number of trainers needed in schools...The Gunn Athletic Training Room will be used to record the amount of injuries and the treatments performed on the athlete. This data will be used to analyze the traffic patterns...