Affordable Compared to Luxury Drug Rehabilitation Centers Through Meditation


by : 
Declan K.


One of the major problems in the drug rehabilitation system is that the amenities that a facility offers is widely different based on the price point. This causes vast disparities in the treatment a patient receives. This project aims to see if this has a relation to the implementation of meditation.

Personal Statement

I am a senior at Palo Alto High school. During my sophomore year I decided to join the Social Justice Pathway because I wanted to experience something different and the project based learning appealed to me. The Social Justice Pathway is what brought me to AAR and influenced me to focus my research on drug rehabilitation. Meditation has been a passion of mine after first leaning about its benefits during the YES program at PALY when the program, I really got into meditation was during the yoga class I took at PALY, when yoga ended I felt lost. Last year I sought out a meditation teacher and learned multiple practices from a Buddhist Monk.