Effectiveness of Academic Support/Resources post DreamCatchers


by : 
Katherine B.


Dreamcatchers is a tutoring resource for low-income middle school students in PAUSD. This year, Dreamcatchers does not have plans to inform parents of the academic resources available to their children in/outside of PAUSD when they can no longer attend Dreamcatchers.This project aims to give these parents information on these resources and give them a pre and post-survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the project's efforts.

Personal Statement

For the past 2 years, I've been tutoring a low-income middle school student in PAUSD through a non-profit tutoring program called Dreamcatchers. The student I'm tutoring is an 8th grader, so he will not be able to attend Dreamcatchers next year. When speaking to his mom, she said she was unaware of any academic supportive resources available in high school. I am trying to help the Dreamcatchers program figure out the best way to inform the parent of the high school academic resources available to their child.