Shoe Startup Viability Within Their Respective Markets


by : 
Manu T.


Over the past few decades, the shoe market has become one of the hardest markets to break through. Mega-companies such as Adidas and Nike have become so large that they crush out any new opposition, resulting in a monopoly. Many times, these top brands don’t necessarily have the highest quality or best looking shoe, but still manage to make the most profit, raising the question of why the top brands remain at the top? This project aims to answer this question and help other shoe companies.

Personal Statement

Ever since a young age, I've always found interest in business and the way people want things. When I entered middle school, I developed a passion for shoes and different brands, but I always questioned the quality of pricey, yet appealing shoes. I never understood what allowed these shoes to become such good sellers. With AAR this year, I was given the opportunity to answer a longtime curiosity of mine.