What strategies could help increase electric bike safety at Bay Area High Schools?


by : 
Owen K. and Phela D.


With increased electric bike usage, riders must consider safety with the increased risk factors associated with riding bikes capable of higher speeds and less handling capability. Riders need to take proper safety precautions to avoid crashes resulting in injury. One study estimates that “29% of e-bikers had experienced a safety incident that would not have happened on a conventional bike” (Haustien, 2015). Ensuring riders are prepared and protected against increased risk is critical to avoid injury. This research project aims to complete a needs assessment inquiry through a survey and measurement of e-bike use at a Bay Area high school to collect qualitative and quantitative data that can supplement existing documents and data on the topic. The goal is to identify possible ways to increase e-bike safety for students at the high school and to determine the efficacy of such strategies to be implemented in the real world.