Advanced Authentic Research

AAR and Stanford Launch First Issue of Journal AIR

Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 4:02pm

AAR and the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab are proud to announce the first issue of the Journal for Advanced Authentic Interdisciplinary Inquiry & Innovation Research, or Journal A2I3R, the first international peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated exclusively to student research at the high school level. Journal A2I3R can be read online here.


Journal A2I3R exists to be a voice for all high school students in the academic research community. The AAR program and the PAUSD community are proud to help launch this new platform for student voices to be heard in the research community and for students to explore and share their unique discoveries and innovations.


Journal A2I3R was created following the guidelines of the AAR program, and it was designed and published by students in Stanford’s AAR participants from PAUSD had the exclusive opportunity to get their research presentations published in this first trial issue. Future issues will be open to research submissions from high school students around the world. Future issues will also include student research papers.


We look forward to our continued collaboration with Stanford University to provide this exciting opportunity to our (and all) students, and we expect it to evolve rapidly. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving Journal A2I3R as a platform and as a publication, please send them to