Voter Turnout Among Young Adults in Palo Alto

In all recent Presidential elections, young people under 25 have voted at lower rates than other ages. This is problematic because it means that young people's voices are less represented in government's policies and officials. To combat this issue, the researcher developed a "mini-lesson" that was presented to two 11th grade U.S. History classes at Palo Alto High School, educating students about civics and voting. Students and staff members at Palo Alto High School were also interviewed to ensure that the lesson effectively met both groups' desires.

Bystander Wariness: Gender-Based Behavioral Reaction to Bystander Response Laws and Victim Profiles

In this world, many people consider themselves “Good Samaritans”—bystanders who would be willing to help victims in an emergency situation. Especially if paramedic response time is slow, this aid can be the difference between life and death. However, relatively few victims actually receive bystander support in any form on the streets, and it can vary significantly depending on a victim’s appearance. This study examines 1) whether a bystander’s knowledge of state law regarding bystander response affects their willingness to offer assistance and 2) how gender response differs when a victim’s profile changes. In response to a hypothetical situation, notable findings include: almost no difference between reminders of different laws, significant difference in a bystander’s fear depending on victim profiles, and lower rates of bystander response in female participants. We were also able to show the bystander effect through a hypothetical situation, thereby widening methodological options for further research.

The Location of the Tank Transmission Over Time

This research project will analyze the location of the transmission of the tank transmission over the interwar to world war two period. Over that period time, the transmission location on most tanks was not consistent even between generational upgrades, so research teams must have found a reason why. This project will investigate the reasons for the transmission being where it is throughout the research.

A Personal Memoir

Words are how we express ourselves; they are how we connect with others and ourselves. This year, I composed a series of intertwined short stories that are based largely on my own experiences. These stories helped me come to terms with who I am now and how the years leading up to now(both key events and buried memories) impact the way I make decisions and navigate relationships with others.

Unattainable Standards: How Fashion and Body Type Trends Create an Unrealistic Idea of Beauty

In our society, there is constant and universal pressure to look a certain way. The standard of attractiveness that impacts people now, however, has varied drastically since the start of the 20th century. Interestingly, fashion trends correlate with body types considered desireable throughout time, cementing of the standard of beauty with every change. This project focuses on the portrayal of fashion trends and body types throughout the 1900s to present day, to show that the ever-changing nature of body types is an unattainable ideal to strive towards.

The Role of Democracy in 2020 Taiwanese Presidential Election

Taiwan, formally known as the Republic of China, has been involved in cross-straits relations issues with mainland China, with each government laying formal claim to the island. Despite these ongoing issues, Taiwan was able to sustain its democratic idealism in the past thirty years through the presidential voting system. In the recent 2020 election, many democratic issues surfaced and in turn affected the election. This research will seek to study the role of democracy and the media in this election. In other words, how a voter’s sense of democracy shifted and led to the 2020 election result. Through this project, I wish to raise awareness on how valuable and fragile a democracy actually is and how lucky the Taiwanese are to get the opportunity to vote for their own leaders.

Politics of Alto High School Social Justice Students

This research project will study the social justice pathway and political polarization. The research will be conducted in two phases. The first phase will be an experiment measuring the blind party alliance of students and then conducting interviews with the teachers of the classes. The least blind party alliance and finding will show how teachers create classrooms where students feel comfortable sharing a wide variety of political views. The second phase will create a report to advise teachers of how they can make their classrooms less politically polarized, and evaluate whether social justice or non-social justice classes are more or less polarized.

Displaying and Selling Art Made by San Quentin Death Row Inmates

Currently, there are 2.3 million people incarcerated in the United States and 4.6 million people living under probation. Displaying and selling art made by the prisoners can be an effective strategy in tackling mass incarceration and rising recidivism rates. This research project has acquired 100+ pieces of artwork created by men living on San Quentin’s Death Row. The goal of this project is to display and sell this artwork. The expected outcome is to highlight the prisoners’ humanity and the capability to leave a positive impact on the outside world. The art can create an emotional statement that can transform the legal system.

Benefits of Teens Maintaining a Paid Job in Silicon Valley, California

In this day and age, many adolescents view work to be a drag. On the contrary, maintaining a job through adolescence is so much more than what meets the eye. In fact, what you don’t see is all the skills an adolescent gains to become a functioning member of society. The adult-like environment not only prepares adolescents for the future but teaches them firsthand how to succeed in the workplace. There is a problem in or with the understanding of maintaining a job through adolescence to adulthood. Despite the belief that students do not need a job during adolescence, there have been many who believe the work experience gained during adolescence benefits students long term.

Implications of Principles of Turner's Thesis on Mass Media

This dissertation examines the primary principles included in Frederick Jackson Turner’s The Significance of the Frontier in American History Thesis and applies them to the impact of mass and social media on American democracy. Based on the widespread 19th century American belief that land equaled life, opportunity, and the expansion of democracy, Turner's Thesis hypothesizes on how the closing of the Western frontier led to the opening of a new, international one as the country turned to imperialism as the country sought to continue cultivating democracy. This dissertation, however, will be examining a different new frontier in which democracy has opportunity to grow: the realm of mass and social media. Through analysis of his principles, this paper will draw connections to the rise of mass media in the 20th century and social media in the 21st, focusing on the contributions to the expansion or retraction of democracy—an idea that has influence over the entire world today. This dissertation will ultimately answer: Does the growth of human thought impact the growth of democracy in a positive or negative way?


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