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Electric Regeneration in Electric Bikes

This research project will study electric regeneration's effect on battery life, total run time, and number of times the battery is able to be recharged in electric bicycles. Other factors that will be examined include the stress that electrical braking takes off of the friction brakes and the difference between electric braking with a throttle and electric braking with a switch.

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Plastic Straws in the Environment

I researched the effect of plastic straws as waste in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems as well as the effects on human health. Additionally, I studied what has already been done to combat the issue of plastic straw waste by investigating the ban in Seattle and previous environmental policies that have been implemented in Palo Alto. I then held a focus group to assess the best next steps and with this information. I plan on promoting awareness and starting conversation about plastic consumption.

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Applications of Nanotechnology in Medicine

In this project, I will be exploring the applications of nano scale particles in the field of medicine. Many medicinal techniques are effective but are not at peak efficiency and could be improved with nanotechnology. The development of nanotechnology will also impact the path medicine will take in the future and I will analyze current developments to get a sense of where the future is heading.

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The Effect of Embedding Transition Metals on the Spintronic Properties of Graphene Ribbons

Over the years, molecular simulations have evolved immensely. Density Functional Theory is one of these methods of molecular simulations, and while it is highly accurate, it is very expensive. In our research, we look for more efficient simulations. Can we use graph theory to model graphene? We compare our graph theory model to experimental data to access the accuracy.

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How Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Causing Mutations in the Lever Arm of the Myosin Motor Affect the Function of the Myosin

The goal of this study is to understand how hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a heart disease usually caused by genetic mutations in the lever arm of the myosin motor) affects the function of myosin protein.

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Relationships Between Economic Status and Extracurricular Participation in Palo Alto

The achievement gap seems impacts more than just academics; for example, extracurricular activities are not accessible to everyone. I will be researching whether there is a disparity between various socioeconomic classes and their participation in club sports. My plan is to develop a scholarship program through the Stanford Soccer Club. I will use the application process to gather research data by including a series of questions on why applicants need the scholarship. This way, I can both gather data and offer support through implementation of the scholarship itself.

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Identifying the Most Effective Single Agent for Treating Follicular Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Follicular lymphoma is the most common form of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a disease that takes the lives of thousands each year. It is often treated with a combination of drugs tailored to be the most suitable for each individual patient, but there are dozens of single agents and treatment regimens that makes it confusing for the patient. This project attempts to resolve some confusion by focusing on single agents that are the most effective in killing lymphocytic cells. In order to do this, a lab was set up to test the effects of three front-line single agents: cyclophosphamide, bendamustine, and fludarabine, on lymphocytic cell lines to see which single agent killed the largest amount of cells.

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How Low Income California Residents Are Affected by Their Enrollment with MediCal

While MediCal was created to benefit low-income residents in California, it has also succeeded in creating new inconveniences and injustices for its recipients. Many doctors do not accept MediCal insurance due to its low reimbursement rates for the doctors, causing access issues for recipients. While there are many great nonprofit health clinics, people may not be aware of this option and will resort to using emergency rooms as their primary source of healthcare or neglecting treatment altogether. My project focused on bringing awareness to the option of nonprofit health care, and which form of media achieved this most effectively. Through a survey given to the general public, I presented several forms of media which convey information about the topic, in order to determine which type of outreach was the most effective. I also determined a correlation between the chosen form of media and personal relationships that participants had to the form of insurance.

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Solar Panels at Paly

This project will examine the feasability and impact of installing solar panels on the Paly campus. This is important to me because solar panels would let us reduce our carbon emissions and move to a more renewable energy source, which in turn will also help address global warming.

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Affordability of Medicine Within the United States

The prices of some pharmaceutical drugs in America have become unaffordable for many Americans. Although affordability varies for each drug, overall cost has become a problem because people who are sick might not be able to afford the medicine they need. The cost of medication is so high partly because drug companies need to pay for their research, which is understandable, given that companies who often pour a lot of time and expense into producing the drug deserve recompense. However, sometimes companies inflate the prices of a drug beyond what a consumer could ever possibly afford. Is it possible to make prescription drugs more affordable to the average consumer, while also resolving the issue in a way that is fair to pharmaceutical companies? In order to study this, I looked at the current system of producing pharmaceutical drugs in the United States, as well as industries within other countries such as the U.K.


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