How Teaspoon Collect Consumer Information to Better Target Marketing

Just two years ago, Teaspoon—a local Starbucks-like tea franchise with Asian influences—opened its very first store in Los Altos, CA. Now, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area. With nine locations, twelve specialty drinks, and thousands of loyal customers, the demand for more effective digital marketing has increased greatly. Digital marketing is an essential part of any business's marketing plan, especially in today's digital revolution. As Teaspoon aims to make a name for itself in the highly competitive boba industry, I will help Teaspoon develop new digital marketing strategies.

How Korean Beauty Empowers Women Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

The recent wave of influence by Asian/Korean culture in the U.S., known as the Hallyu Wave, has brought food, Korean dramas, and K-pop to America, as well as Korea's unique, elaborate beauty/skincare culture. Dewy skin, natural looks, and patented cushion formulas have all made their marks in the U.S.. Women entrepreneurs in America have taken advantage of ideas from the Korean beauty market to create new products for the American market; for example, many women entrepreneurs have taken similar formulas but expanded the shades for all American women. Some entrepreneurs simply curate products, while others create and modify existing Korean products. This project will examine how the better international relations and influence of K-beauty has empowered women entrepreneurs in the U.S.

How Employee Benefits Affect Company Productivity

The harsh working enviornment of Apple factory employees in China and the lush work environment at Google's headquarters in Mountain View are both widely known, for opposite reasons. Although the treatment of the employees differs greatly, both groups are exceptionally efficient. How do employee benefits affect the behavior of the employees? In addition, how does employees' happiness affect the company's productivity?

How Adoption of Cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin) as a Mainstream Form of Payment Might Be Affected as High-Frequency Trading Becomes More Prevalent Among Major Currencies

The aim of this research project is to determine whether or not there is price correlation between Nvidia GPUs and Bitcoin. As Bitcoin becomes increasingly popular, the demand for graphics processing units (GPUs) has reached new heights. GPUs are needed because “miners,” or people who use computing power in exchange for Bitcoin, use them specifically because of their superior efficiency compared to traditional computer processing units (CPUs). However, recently, there has been a shortage of GPUs resulting in dramatic price increases negatively impacting the average consumer by forcing them to pay inflated prices. This project will analyze price data of various GPUs and Bitcoin over a period of time to determine whether Bitcoin is the primary driver of GPU price changes or whether other factors are to blame.

4ai: an Accessibilty Nonprofit

15% of the Earth's population, or one billion people worldwide, have a disability. Despite such a vast community, people with disabilities face discrimination, including in the workplace due to employment bias. Furthermore, artificial intelligence is a field that rarely employs people with disabilities. This is why we decided to found 4ai. 4ai is a startup, annotating nonprofit based in Palo Alto, California that aims to provide jobs to people with disabilities and make advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. Our corporation will exclusively employ people with disabilities, training them to tag images to be used in training artificial intelligence technology.

Why Digital Wallets Are Less Popular in the U.S. than in China

Digital wallets are skyrocketing in popularity in China. They are becoming the most-adopted payment method in China. Some of the key drivers of this success include advertising, promotional sales, and gamifying contents through cultural holidays, but the approaches used in China might not be as effective in driving popularity of digital wallets in the United States. It is important to study digital wallets and their role in the U.S. By creating a focus group discussion, correlational analysis might address to the reason behind digital wallets being less successful in the U.S.

How Tobacco and Vaping Advertisements Target Young Adults in Low Socioeconomic Communities

Advertising is created to motivate consumers to buy a particular product (The Future of the children, 2006). This research will investigate the problem of tobacco and vaping advertisements that are targeting young adults in low-income communities. I will be looking for different forms of advertisements and distinct components that specifically target young adults, especially in low socioeconomic communities.Then, I will use analyze the data from my field notes to identify trends or patterns.

What are the factors behind the rising prescription drug prices in America?

This research project is aimed at identifying the major factors behind the rising prescription drug prices in America. The data for this project will be pulled from case studies articles on relevant FDA regulations, real life examples of inflation of drugs, and the affect it has on populations in America. Once sufficient data is collected, a comprehensive report of these findings will be generated.

How can Apple’s 2001 iPod marketing strategies be used to advertise products of silicon valley’s newest tech companies?

The goal of this project is to determine whether the previous marketing strategies of successful products can be applied to current products. In 2007, the original iPhone was released and it seized markets shares from companies that dominated the smartphone market. The project will entail surveying people of different demographics about the competitiveness of Apple's original iPhone marketing strategies to determine whether the marketing strategies of the original iPhone can still be adopted today to help startups obtain market shares.

How did the Federal Reserve affect the U.S. economy during the Great Depression and 2008 recession?

This research aims to examine financial policy decisions made during the Great Depression and 2008 recession, two of the largest financial crises in America’s history. While there have been numerous investigations regarding these crises, the goal of this research is to go beyond why the crash happened and analyze the mechanics of the monetary policies the Federal Reserve implemented in order to prevent economic meltdown and revive investor confidence. Three types of sources will be utilized: historical texts, Federal Reserve records, and various indicators.


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