How do sales/ marketing representatives use R&D investments to help market their products?

This research project entails surveying financial institutions around the Bay Area to investigate where they are currently placing their investments. Through this qualitative research, the survey will likely be a mix of short answer and multiple choice questions. The results analyzed from this survey will be used to develop an investment strategy for a company called Digital Insight.

How can companies strategically and tactically set the most optimized pricing structure for consumer products for both online stores and offline retail channels?

Pricing hugely influences a company’s profit. In fact, a 1% price decrease can results in 10-15% decrease in operating profit. The 4Ps (pricing, product, place, promotion) ultimately dictates a product life expectancy, brand image, competitive strength and market share. This research project is to establish a financial model, conduct market competitive research, research on price elasticity to find out volume sensitivity to prices and evaluate pricing coordination between online B2C (business to consumer through Amazon) price and offline B2B (business to business through Walmart Stores).

What are the variables that contribute to successful start-ups?

With large companies like Uber and Lyft that rely on taxi dispatch optimization, it is very important to find the optimal way to dispatch drivers to passengers while maximizing efficiency and revenue. This research project will entail conducting analysis to write a simple and cost-effective computer algorithms to put into a simulation by measuring which ones make the most revenue.

What is the feasibility of starting a housing venture in college residents in Portland? Connect these findings to why college housing opportunities aren't as prevalent in the Silicon Valley.

This project is investigating the feasibility of buying a house and renting it to college students in residential areas surrounding colleges and universities. Some college students report having a hard time finding housing near their campuses. One goal of the research project is to investigate housing trends and alternatives. Additionally, this project is analyzing housing data in areas near Reed College and Stanford University to determine the variables affecting students in off-campus housing.

How has the increased use of technology affect company's branding styles?

This project will study the factors influencing success and failure in the branding of companies, corporate and small. Two case studies will be conducted on a selected company that has succeeded in good branding endeavors and a company that has failed. In addition, effective re-branding will be investigated.


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