What is the most efficient way to dispatch taxis to optimize time and maximize revenue?

With large companies like Uber and Lyft relying on taxi dispatch optimization, it has become important to find the most optimal way to dispatch drivers to passengers, while maximizing efficiency and revenue. The research will commence with writing simple and cost-effect computer algorithms that will be put into a simulation to find which ones would make the most revenue. Whereas previous attempts have been focused on finding the one optimal solution, which would be computationally expensive, this research will find a simple and cost-efficient method that can still maximize revenue.

In addition to the price to earnings ratios dominant effect on a stock’s price, does a company’s balance sheet information, namely, cash flow, have a further effect?

This research project will be investigating the relationship between a company's cash flow from operations and its future earnings in order to determine whether the market under appreciates the CFO variable. There will be two parts to this investigation.

1. In setting the stock price of a company, does the market consider CFO an incrementally "value-relevant" piece of information, after it already has a company's reported earnings?

What is a feasible financial plan for the Palo Alto Airport's next three Airport Days?

This research project is aimed at creating a promotional video and an educational short film for the Palo Alto Airport to post on their website for a showcase for Airport Day while reaching out to schools with an interesting approach. To curate the most appropriate material, an online survey will be conducted through a controlled demographic regarding what aspects in advertisements and documentaries are most appealing to them. Once the data is collected, it will demonstrate what is most appealing to the audiences, and how that may vary amongst age groups.

How have marketing strategies of large corporations differed in developing countries versus in first world countries in the scope of the past two decades?

In the 21st century, “superpower” countries have the ability to advance exponentially while developing countries, without the proper resources to fully modernize, may only progress marginally. As a result of this difference in the rate of progress, the method in which revolutionary ideas or products are marketed to consumers is affected. This study aims to determine which aspects of a country’s development allow for its particular marketing strategies to prosper in order to better our understanding of worldwide disparities in economies.

What is the potential/impact of artificial intelligence in the financial services industry?

The research focuses on collecting and analyzing data sets on corporate and consumer finance from existing data sets to provide pretext for the impact of artificial intelligence. The subcategory of AI in this research is machine learning, and applies to various parts of the financial services industry for both consumers and businesses.

How do semiconductor companies influence the economy?

This research project is an analysis of tech manufacturer companies in the Silicon Valley and how they impact the California economy which is about $2.5 trillion USD. This project will focus on how much revenue these companies make and how many people they employ because both of these are two major components of our economy.

What marketing strategies are most effective in recruiting AAR students with diverse interests?

This research will focus on inclusive marketing and the strategies that make it a successful technique. Using the information gained from a literature review, this project will involve analyzing and applying the practices of inclusive marketing to attract student to non-STEM research projects in AAR.

What is the most effective way to cross-sell Google Cloud Platform to Google Apps customers (and vice versa) to increase customer loyalty and engagement?

The ability to cross-sell products allows a company to increase customer engagement and loyalty, ensuring the sustainability of a company and the success of its products. Through careful competitive analysis, Google Cloud will be able to make more informed decisions regarding cross-sales methods and implementation. Research is done in two parts: analyzing competing companies and surveying Google customers.

How can we market new goods and products to most effectively target Palo Alto High School students?

This study aims to determine the best and most effective way to target high schoolers from Palo Alto High School in order to market a new social media application. High school students are a very enticing audience for new social media applications as their influence carries far to friends, family, and often, pop culture. Thus, finding a reliable way to market products to high schoolers enables companies to sell their product in the most efficient way.

What are the results of NAFTA for the U.S. and other participating countries in terms of GDP from small businesses, and what could this mean for high-capital industry in Palo Alto if the TPP goes into effect?

This research project is a historical analysis of examining data from the past few decades which will be used to compare the effectiveness of NAFTA and CUSFTA. More specifically, international trade deals on steel will be compared to the current American views on international trade deals.


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