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Comparing the Affordability of Patented and Brand-Name Prescription Drugs for the Average Citizen in Thailand vs. the U.S.

Accessibility to healthcare and medication is an ongoing problem. This issue impacts developing countries in particular, as their standards of living may not be as high as in more industrialized countries such as the United States. I will be researching the affordability and accessibility of brand-name prescription drugs within Thailand, in order to study some of the possible similarities and differences between the quality of healthcare within developing countries and more developed ones.

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The Effect of Marginal Income Tax Rates on the GDP of the U.S. from 1997 to 2017

Taxes fund many vital services and infrastructure, such as education and roads. The question is how much tax can be raised without sacrificing growth--or taxes will even cause a loss of growth at all. This project looks at the impact of these taxes on a good measure of the economy, the GDP.

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Mitigation of Plate Waste at Gunn

Plate waste, in a generalized sense, is made up of the remnants of a meal thrown away, and is a specific classification of food waste, which can be defined by any food lost throughout the consumer chain. Plate waste is ubiquitous in nature and nearly impossible to eliminate, but when appropriate measures are taken, previous studies have shown that it is possible to minimize the loss. This study explores the most prevalent reasons why Gunn students create plate waste, and in turn will enable future measures taken at Gunn High School to reduce plate waste to be better suited to the needs of the campus and students.

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Impacts of Social Media on Political Polarization in People Ages 18-30

My project will be about political polarization. I want to see if political polarization exists in a certain age group. The aim of this research is to tie the psychological aspects of polarization and social media together. Previous studies have looked at these elements separately, but I want to tie social media, polarization, and the psychology of both to understand if and why polarization exists.

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Possible Effects of Complete Trade Isolation between the U.S. and China on the U.S. Economy

I am studying the effects that trade war with China has on the United States, particularly our economic standing. Research of current events will be used to extrapolate likely outcomes. Maintaining an unbiased stance in collecting U.S. trade data is challenging, since the U.S. is so politically polarized, so I will draw equally from "conservative" and "liberal" sources.

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Cross-Comparison of Thraco-Pelasgian with Lycian

I will research etymological, religious and cultural links between Thraco-Pelasgian with Lycian, a cadet language of Linear A, as a means to classify both languages. This has implications on the classification of Linear A.

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Analysis of Developing Countries in Southeast Asia

Today, almost 3 billion people live in a society whose economy is hindered by wide-ranging factors and encourages widespread poverty, low education levels, and corruption. Though there is a wealth of analytical literature on the topic of developing economics, studying a specific region that contains a diverse subset of economic situations allows one to compare and contrast factors and methods that contribute and alleviate economic depression. This project will look for similarities in factors between several countries in Southeast Asia and compare the methods used to improve the economy.

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Water Bottling in Arrowhead Springs

Nestle has been bottling tens of millions of gallons of water every year since the 1980s, without a permit, in drought-stricken southern California. They are skating by with only having to pay a $624 fine for lack of permit, which is close to nothing compared to the value of the 62.5 million gallons of water they receive in return. I am interested in collecting the public opinion of the local population in the area. I hope to find a solution to this issue, whether that means raising the fine the company has to pay or finding other resolutions. I hope to synthesize other solution options through collaboration with locals through my survey.

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Perceptions of Undocumented Immigrants from Latin America by Bay Area Residents

Undocumented immigration from Latin America is a very politicized topic. With an estimated 240,000 undocumented immigrants living in the Bay Area, the issue of discrimination needs to be solved. I will record the perceptions of undocumented immigrants by Bay Area residents through a survey, then analyze the responses to determine the best ways to influence these perceptions through social media.

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Is America a Real Democracy or is the Political System Expolited by Money?

There is a problem with a lack of political representation for the bottom 80% of the U.S. population, despite the fact that the United States considers itself a democratic society. Since Presidents continue to be elected through the Electoral College and not the popular vote, society is negatively affected because “middle America” does not believe that their needs and voices are heard. A possible cause of this problem is that the ultra-rich can purchase political favors and that the U.S. “Social Experiment” in democracy may not actually be successful. Democracy began as a social experiment in the United States, yet can America be considered a true democracy when money is the greatest influencer of political outcomes?


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