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Maximizing Older Adult Enjoyment of Recreational Activities through Analysis of Developmental Psychology

Despite the many ways to occupy older adults, aged 65 to 95, with recreational activities, it is difficult to please everyone. Activities for older adults are essential to maintain a healthy mental and physical state. The goal of this research project is to design ideal recreational programs for older adults. Through analyzing the study of developmental psychology, the common core values of older adults have been identified. Using these values, a hypothesis of older adult satisfaction of existing activities was surveyed to test predictions. Ultimately, the goal is to increase the satisfaction of recreational activities for older adults and consequently benefit our community.

Identifying Misconceptions Around the Correlation Between Circadian Rhythm and Physical Wellbeing at Palo Alto High School

There has been research in the past that proves the correlation between one's circadian rhythm and their physical wellbeing. Despite such research, many are unaware of the findings. The goal of this research project is to uncover some common misconceptions around sleep by analyzing survey data. By doing this, I also hope to find solutions to address these misconceptions so students will be a lot more aware of their overall health.

Subliminal Influences Aimed at Secondary School Students

Chronic absenteeism: the state of lacking 10% or more of school days in a given academic year, has been an issue for as long as modern education. In 2016-2017, approximately 7 million students (16% of all students) were chronically absent. Henry M. Gunn High School has a ~5% chronic absentee rate, with some of those figures contributed by the aptly named "strategic absentees": those who cut a given class as to prepare for another. With no effective measures already in place, the aim of this proposal is to "nudge" students to attend class, without needing to impose any new campus regulators or constraints, while also actively comparing the efficacy of subconscious and conscious suggestion.

Why Many Gunn Students Choose Not to Talk to Professionals about Their Mental Health

While the discussion of mental health is becoming increasingly normalized, it can still be a sensitive topic. Gunn High School offers many resources and programs that promote mental health awareness. However, according to the Wellness Center at school, many students still refrain from discussing their mental health issues, such as anxiety, stress, or depression, with professionals. But why? The purpose of this project is to find the main reasons why students choose not to talk to professionals through an anonymous survey. Based on the survey results, possible solutions or new programs can be developed to encourage more students to open up about their mental health.

The Relationship Between a Culture of Happiness, Mental Health, and Emotional Health Among Silicon Valley Youth

There have been studies on the negative effects of the modern culture of happiness on mental health, as well as the correlation between mental and emotional health. However, no one has ever studied how all three factors are interrelated, especially in a technology hub like Silicon Valley, where optimism and positive attitudes are especially strong. Given the views held toward negative emotions, perhaps looking into the relationship of Silicon Valley's culture, mental health, and emotional health will provide insight on how to move forward with the health of the youth in years to come.

The Internets Affect on the Purposes of Public Libraries and Demographics of Their Visitors

As the internet develops and becomes the primary information source for most people, the functions of public libraries tend to be overlooked. However, public libraries have its importance to the communities, as it encourages literacy and provides an academic environment for studying. This research aims to gather opinions of librarians from different public libraries, from whom we are able to learn about the evolution of public libraries over the recent years and how the visitors have changed.

Maintaining Consumer Satisfaction for NBA Teams

Dynamic pricing has been in effect with airline companies and other industries for many years but has relatively recently been applied to sporting events. In order to maximize revenue, many teams use dynamic pricing, which depends upon a variety of factors. This project aims to find the factors that most affect a change in price, as well as develop the ideal algorithm that maximizes a team's revenue while pricing.

Pediatric Oncologists and Families of Terminally-ill Children Under the Age of 19

Pediatric Oncologists come face to face with difficulty when it comes to working with families of terminally-ill patients. Even though many children with terminally-ill diseases should be given the same resources as adults to alleviate their pain, about “80% of children dying with cancer in this country are still suffering, and their symptoms are not being adequately palliated (Wolfe, 2000). This problem has negatively impacted the 15,780 children under the age of 19, that are diagnosed with cancer in the United States each year. A possible cause of this problem is that adults do not understand how to deal with a terminally-ill child, especially one whose needs differ from those of an adult who is terminally ill. This research project will investigate how pediatric oncologists deal with terminally-ill patients with the goal of remedying this issue.

The Perceived Safety of Girls in Palo Alto

This project is based on finding differences between boys and girls perceived safety. If there is one, why? And how can they be made to feel safer? To collect data, girls and boys will be surveyed to determine if there is a difference between their answers. This survey is the basis of the project and will lead to action research. Following the survey, participants will receive a hand out “safety sacks” which hold a bright light with an alarm attached to it, along with pH paper in which someone can test their drink for drugs.

Impact of Anti-Vaccination Movement on Public Understanding of Science

Despite decades of scientific research, many still have reservations about the safety, efficacy and morality of immunization. However, most of these reservations are based off of false or incorrectly interpreted information. Through research on the spread of this information, this project aims to help educators better understand why and how this information is spread, and what can be changes can be made to improve this dissemination of and response to scientific information.


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