Assistance for the Oglala Sioux Population

There is a problem in Native American Reservations and their living conditions. Despite the Indian Housing Authority’s efforts, there are 90,000 under housed or homeless Native Americans. The Pine Ridge Reservation is 2,000,000 acres. Pine Ridge is the site of many events, they mark history between the Sioux and The United States. The project will include having a donation drive. Anyone can donate clothes (new or gently used) and school supplies.

Shoe Startup Viability Within Their Respective Markets

Over the past few decades, the shoe market has become one of the hardest markets to break through. Mega-companies such as Adidas and Nike have become so large that they crush out any new opposition, resulting in a monopoly. Many times, these top brands don’t necessarily have the highest quality or best looking shoe, but still manage to make the most profit, raising the question of why the top brands remain at the top? This project aims to answer this question and help other shoe companies.

The Influence of Social Media on Teenagers' Perceptions of Healthy Relationships

This research study is aiming to determine whether social media has any negative effects on teenagers' perceptions of what healthy relationships are. It is important that teenagers understand what healthy and unhealthy relationships are so they can keep themselves and their peers safe. By hosting workshops and administering pre- and post-workshop surveys, the study will collect qualitative data about student social media usage and their understanding of healthy relationships.

Socioeconomic, Achievement Gap and University Enrolment

Many students from Latin and African American backgrounds will become first-generation students once they reach a four-year university. The first generation group is defined as a group of students who will be the first in their families to go to college. While they make up 30% of a college class, many families lack the resources to be educated on what they need to make it to a four-year college (PNPI, 2018) — connecting this data to socioeconomic differences in the PAUSD and achievement gap.

Process and Impact of Reporting Sexual Assaults in a University Setting

One in 5 women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted in college but over 90% of college sexual assault victims do not report the assault (National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 2018). Despite protocols put in place by universities to make reporting sexual assaults more efficient and effective, a lack of reporting is occurring. This will be researched using action research, a needs based assessment, and evaluation research to collect data. Interviews with employees of University X will be conducted and the data retrieved will be analyzed using coding and descriptive statistics. Additionally, databases will be used to retrieve more information about the reporting procedures at this university.

The Internets Affect on the Purposes of Public Libraries and Demographics of Their Visitors

As the internet develops and becomes the primary information source for most people, the functions of public libraries tend to be overlooked. However, public libraries have its importance to the communities, as it encourages literacy and provides an academic environment for studying. This research aims to gather opinions of librarians from different public libraries, from whom we are able to learn about the evolution of public libraries over the recent years and how the visitors have changed.

Impact of Support Classes in PAUSD

There is a prevalent academic achievement gap in PAUSD. Research has shown that non-accelerating workshop classes that schools put low-achieving students in are actually not beneficial towards these students. This research project looks at academic planning classes in PAUSD and wants to find the impact these support classes have, and whether or not it actually closes the achievement gap.


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