Advanced Authentic Research

Student Expectations

The AAR program strives to fulfill our mission of nurturing student interest and igniting student passion through real world, hands on research. Students will earn 10 CTE credits through the Exploratory Experience-AAR course upon completion of the program each year including this pilot year, 2015-16, and the grade will be given based on the pass/fail system. If students are able to publish their research findings, their grade on the transcript will be listed as Pass-Published. Students are expected to check in with Dr. Choe (AAR Coordinator) five times per semester during Tutorial (TBD). Students need to send an email to when they are unable to check in during the scheduled Tutorial times.

Students are expected to complete 60 hours per semester. This includes all the time associated with completing #2-5 below as well as their check in time during the scheduled Tutorial.

Students will:

1. Complete Course Registration & AAR Sign up Form

  • Site Coordinator will reach out to students with the AAR sign up form upon registration closure
  • Identify personal interests for the purpose of matching students with mentors
  • Reflect to define possible areas of investigation (music, humanities, sports, science, engineering, mathematics, etc.)

2. Establish Relationship with a Mentor

  • Form an interactive partnership to pursue a topic using your AAR journaling platform

3. Write a Research Proposal 

  • Research background
  • In collaboration with their mentor, write a plan of investigation that adheres to AAR proposal guidelines, which includes background, focusing question, and timeline

4. Document and Report Progress

  • Collect and analyze data
  • Document investigation process

5. Finalize and Share Research Findings

  • Write, present, and publish to share research findings with relevant organizations and communities

6. AAR Celebratory Showcase

In addition to the research requirement, students in the AAR program are expected to have finished safety training if placement is in the lab (listed under Resource). Students are also expected to demonstrate proper etiquette and establish a courteous and professional manner following Exploratory Experience Guidelines.